Bespoke Application Development

Automation tools, databases and portals; on-site, in the cloud or over the web. No matter what your requirements are we'll deliver a bespoke solution that optimises operational efficiency and increases productivity. With a proven track record of delivering on time and on budget, we're adept at working across a range of technologies and platforms to ensure the most relevant and cost-effective deployment. By avoiding 'off-the-shelf' software there's no wasted functionality or missing features and from inception to design, through to implementation and support, our experienced team have the know-how to deliver a solution that's right for your business.

Website Design

Whether you're a newly founded business and you need a quick website delivered in a couple of days, or an established business looking to freshen up your web presence, we have the knowledge and experience. This will take you from concept through to design and implementation, ensuring that not only does it look good but that it is hosted securely in an environment that is monitored and maintained by our team of in-house professionals.

Server and Website Hosting

Why have your own server farm when you can have a paddock in ours? We created our tech-paddock exactly for that reason. Take your back-up headache away and leverage the continuity and disaster recovery benefits of moving your IT away from your network. Having our own hosting platform means that we have total control of the websites, applications, and servers that we host for you in our reliable, resilient data-centres, all in the UK. We put security at the fore-front of everything we do so you can rest easy. Whether you need to move your entire infrastructure offsite, or are looking to consolidate disparate office systems, when you're ready to grow, so are we. Scale on demand without worrying about purchasing, installing and integrating any new hardware.

Cloud Services

The cloud is just someone else's computer. Sort of! The cloud is someone else's enterprise-grade, super resilient, highly available, always on, network of computers that you can benefit from and pay only for what you use, usually on a monthly subscription. Email security, hosted VoIP phones systems, file sharing, server backup and monitoring along with accountancy packages are just some examples of the types of cloud based services that we have experience of. Implementing and managing them on a daily basis. By utilising the cloud you could have at least one less server to maintain,  patch, backup and replace.

Reporting Solution

Existing system not producing the data you need to analyse your business, or you have a new off-the-shelf system that you need to integrate with your previous platforms? You need a partner with the knowledge to understand your business, translate it into the technical and design database reports, and implement integrations that are right for you.